Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jumble i

1. mom to the pain clinic for cortisone injection. CHECK
2. make appointment for oil change AND brakes serviced on the car. WAITING FOR PAYDAY
3. find resume. NOT TO BE FOUND
4. Create new resume. CHECK.
5. work on story for this weeks FaithWriters challenge. CHECK
6. shop for a new (gently used) stove. WAITING FOR PAYDAY
7. mow the lawn. WAITING FOR A SUNNY DAY (when hubby isn't working)
8. respond to emails. CHECK
9. laundry. IT NEVER ENDS!
10. catch up on the other blogs and come up with something creative for mine... HOW'M I DOING?

some days are like that... list, list, list, check, check, check. I am not a big list person normally but I do love checking things off. I have been known to create a list, set to work, do something that wasn't on the list originally, add it to the list just so I can cross it off too. ~ aaaahhh.... can we say..... Satisfaction~

So yes, mom was resting comfortably when I left this afternoon. We probably won't know for a day or two if the cortisone shot is making a difference-- it could even take up to a couple of weeks for the steroid to bring some healing in the area of those compressed discs. but for today, no pain and that is good!

I did wash my car today, which helps make up for the delay on the oil change and brakes serviced. Car washing can be done for free; the service visit will be expensive no matter what. And that just has to wait till payday. At least Bruce is working again after so many months with virtually NOTHING going on. Uggh. But once again God has been so faithful at keeping us afloat. It's nothing short of amazing. His timing is always perfect.

And then out of the blue I get a phone call with an invitation to come in and interview for a job!!! I didn't apply for a job. But these folks know me, know my job ended, and need a part time -- more of an 'on call person' for their office and they thought of me! Hence the resume. It is good to just have one polished up anyway. The interview is for next week and I feel pretty ambivalent about the job either way. It sounds like it would be fun (receptionist type duties) and being an on-call position (pre-arranged for the most part) would mean really really part time-- which would be just fine for me. So, we'll see...

So, it's a sunny spring evening and I can hear a walk down the street calling my name... (I should add it to the list~)

11. walk to the post office. TO SOON BE CHECKED!

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  1. That job sounds perfect--some office work that still gives you time to pursue other interests!

    I love crossing things off my list that I've already done too! It's just too fun not to :)


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