Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Well, okay, so it's actually Sunday afternoon by the time I finally sit down to write this. But it was beautiful up on the mountain this morning.

When I say 'up on the mountain' on a Sunday, I am actually referring to worship at the Kendall CTK campus. We love being there and love the people and the spirit of worship we can feel. Alive and free and full of energy and love and joy bubbling over! It is amazing to see, feel, experience!

We were doubly blessed this day because a dear friend went with us; his first visit to this church and I think he really enjoyed it. I meet a couple of new people today, who were visiting as well.

One of the fun things that has been occurring for me the last few weeks at this church is that I keep meeting people who are the same age as my son, who were friends with him when he was in his late teens. It gives me hope and joy when I see these 'kids' who have turned their lives over to Jesus. I pray that someone in Alabama will be Jesus to my son and be an encourager to him and as a result, he will be able to make peace and reconciliation with others. That would include me.

I don't talk about my relationship with my kids all that much, especially my son, because, one, it is painful to talk about, and two, I want to respect their lives by keeping things private. But, I would welcome prayers if you are so inclined. Prayers for healing and forgiveness and peace to come to my son. I hope that someday soon he and I would be able to meet face to face and celebrate together the life and family he has created.

My relationship with my parents was fraught with tension and hurts but I am so glad, so blessed for the healing God did in my heart before my father passed away. I am forever grateful for the fact that I was able to tell him I loved him and accept his "I love you" back. Forgiveness is such a powerful thing and I think sometimes we underestimate how freeing it is, how it plays such an integral part in healing and wholeness.

With Resurrection weekend approaching, I look at the Cross and the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for all of us so that we could experience forgiveness. It is too awesome, too wondrous for words. But each time I am able to offer forgiveness to someone who has wronged me, I get a very, very, very, small taste of what took place that day at Calvary. And as small as it is, it is still incredibly  powerful. Then I think: how much more is the gift that Jesus gave to each of us!

My prayer as we enter Holy Week, is for each one to know Jesus, the price that He paid for our sins, the forgiveness and wholeness He offers and the joy that new life in Him brings.

~ Peace and Blessings to all.

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