Thursday, March 3, 2011

Romance-- Never Over Rated.

March 2, 1996. 
Tall Timber Ranch. 
One waterfall, 
two skiers, 
and a 
two year courtship 
coming to a logical conclusion: 
'will you marry me?'

Among my favorite stories to tell are 'how we met', 'our first date', and 'the proposal'.
It's the stuff romance novels are made of.

I hoped, suspected, yearned for, that weekend retreat to be 'the right time'. After all we'd been 'keeping steady company' for 2 years. We had started using the 'when' word instead of 'if' when we talked about marriage, we'd been seeing a counselor together to talk about 'our next step', and most recently a walk through the mall had resulted in a little 'window shopping' at the jewelry store.

The return to Tall Timber Ranch for our church's annual winter snow retreat would mark 2 years almost to the day of the thawing in my heart to both God and man. Of course it was the perfect place for him to pop the question!

A ski to the waterfall... which I almost didn't go on because 1.) I thought I might not have the physical stamina to make it and 2.) I was afraid if we DID go to the waterfall and he DIDN'T propose I wouldn't be responsible for whatever happened next (!!)

An unremarkable trip to the falls.... slowly being deserted by everyone else who'd skied with us.... standing in the snow, looking over the top of the most breathtaking sight of white river falling (hence the name White River Falls)... and then, eyes meeting....smiles exchanged.... words spoken.... hearts racing.... a man on his knees... a teddy bear offered... (zipper in it's tummy giving away the reason for the bear) a little square box... and one exquisite marquis diamond set..... one very smart man asking the right question and one very smart woman giving the right answer....

It still brings me joy.
taken moments before he proposed
engagement picture from the official photo shoot

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