Monday, February 28, 2011

Boundaries and Limits

Today I brought my kitty Toddy home from the animal hospital where he spent the weekend after an infection hit him fast and he needed a little procedure done to fix it. He is soooo happy to be home, I can tell but the vet recommends he stay inside for a few more days, partly so I can monitor his 'business' and make sure everything is working right.

Well, Toddy has always been an indoor-outdoor cat with free reign over his pet door. He is NOT happy to have this privilege taken away. His meOW of pain has been replaced with a MEow of indignation. He sits at the patio door and looks outs, tail twitching and cast looks at me that tell me just how wrong this is. I am sure he also does not appreciate me following him to the bathroom where his litter box is so I can make sure his 'business' is working.

He has a little bit of what we call around here : Catitude.

"Toddy, this is for your own good. I want you safe." I say, pretending he can understand me. He meows some more and rubs against my leg, his big green eyes begging me for freedom. sigh.

I suppose I do my share of whining for for things that I think I want/need that really probably are not the best for me. And I am sure my Heavenly Father says 'Robyn, this is for your own good. I want you safe."

I really want to not give God anymore attitude. Toddy has finally accepted the situation for tonight and has made himself very comfortable in front of the fire. So, if my little cat can make peace with the limitations set for him, I guess I can too.

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