Monday, March 14, 2011

And Now For Something Completly Different!

In re-reading all my last few posts, I think it is time to inject a little humor. So please allow this grandma to share...

Zaccari, my 12 year old grandson called me yesterday to tell me he had fallen over a skateboard in the dark yard and fractured his wrist. We had a bit of a conversation about that and then Zac went on to tell me about a movie he had recently seen. Now, my connection wasn't the best (cell phones) so I am sure I am missing some important facts but this is what Zac told me.

Zac: Gramma, in this movie it says that hugging is a sin.
Me: A sin? To hug? I don't think so...
Zac: Nahuh, it said only side hugs no front hugs. wanna know why?
Me: tell me.
Zac: because front hugs cause sexual attraction.
Me: uhhhhhhh....
Me: I don't think hugging is a sin, honey, hugs are good. but I suppose side hugs may be safer? it depends on who you are hugging.
Zac: well, maybe.

Zac at his reptile party for his 12th birthday
I sure would like to know what 'movie' he heard this in.... I think I need to have a second conversation with mom or dad.

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  1. this convo makes me smile. :) thanks for the grin!


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