Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 for 30? I don't know...

Seems like I have been reading about 30 for 30 on a lot of blogs lately and now one of my dearest friends is actually doing it! She encouraged me to join her... I don't have a problem with the not shopping for 30 days-- I have had to abstain from shopping anyway because of hubby being out of work, and I don't have so many clothes to choose from that selecting only 30 from my closet would be that big of a challenge.

So what's the big deal?

I am thinking about our fickle weather and how one day we have winter and the next we have spring! What if I choose 30 things and we suddenly get a real spring and I only have winter layers to put on or peel off? What if I choose springy thingies and then I freeze when winter revisits? I'm serious; this is tough stuff!!

scarves! the best accessory!

OK-- maybe it's not. I played around in the closet this morning trying on different things and thinking about it... but I'm just not quite ready to make the commitment.... yet.... but I promise to give it some (more) thought.

meanwhile... here are just a few of my favorite things....

this green cord blazer gets picked at least once a week!

leggings!! and a long shirt-- the perfect Saturday outfit!
anxious for spring and loving bright fun things!
I look forward to spring and summer wardrobes. I think it might be easier to do a 30-30 in warmer weather! maybe I could just do a 15 for 15 as a warm up??!!


  1. yes, 15 for 15 sounds good. I read someone say they are planning to do 10 for 10 and 15 for sounds like a great try-out!!! I hear you on our 'fickle' weather. I might be sorry...especially cuz I have my great, amazing UGGS and they are NOT in my 30. I might 'cheat' with the shoes a bit if our weather gets too fickle! I might try this again early maybe we can do it together next time, dearest friend!

  2. I don't shop much anymore, I'm just out of the habit I guess. I don't know about pledging no shopping...that scares me a little! Love your blog!


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