Saturday, February 19, 2011

God at Work

He's always up to something, that God of mine.

Work has been next to non-existent for Bruce for the last few months. A day of work here, a day of work there, spread out over several weeks with nothing. But he has been obedient to going where ever God has asked him to go and doing whatever God has asked him to do. And a lot of that has been in the form of volunteering.

It's depressing some days. Demoralizing even, for my husband, the main wage earner, to be sitting at a desk stacked with bills and not able to do much about them. We've been through this before. Last winter was much like this, even down to the letters from the bank asking (ever so nicely) for the mortgage payment.... but God carried us through. He sustained us. He provided in creative and unexpected ways and He built our faith as we had asked Him to do.

So I shouldn't expect He would stop.

and He hasn't. Again, in unexpected ways, He is meeting our needs.

I walk into my cubical at work one evening and discover someone has anonymously left me an envelope with cash in it. It's not a lot but to me, it means everything. It means gas in my car for the coming week. Finally sitting down to balance the checkbook with the bank statement, (a procrastinated chore) I discover a tidy little sum that had been overlooked as a deposit. (usually it happens the other way --forgetting to record a debit card purchase!) Now, I will have money for food for this week.  The doorbell rings and an angel wearing Carharts emphatically states that God told him to give us this-- and passes me a rolled up wad of bills. I stare dumbfounded at this latest proffering and swallow hard. Another bill can be payed.

God over and over again shows me He is my Jehovah Jireh-- my provider. I ask Him to give us this day our daily bread and He does.

A friend refers work for Bruce and today he has gone to check it out. It might only be one day --or two at the most but it will fill another gap. A phone call this morning offers hope-- a past employer of a retreat center has need of Bruce's talents for a myriad of tasks. Praise you Jesus.

It is humbling. Humbling in the way that can cause great uncomfortableness in our spirit, as we wrestle with pride, but it is also humbling in the way God intends it to be;  letting go of our pride and recognizing how great our need is for a Savior. 

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