Wednesday, February 23, 2011

90 Days

I just recently completed the first 90 days at my job. (cause for celebration!!) I was a little wigged out last week as the day for my employee evaluation drew near. It was, quite honestly, a spiritual attack and I am rejoicing that because I am a child of God, the evil one can not touch me! 

That said, I thought (since everyone else is doing it) I would post my list of the things that bring me comfort, joy and contentment... but because of the 90 day thing... well my list will be 10 short of 100.

in no particular order...

1. writing
2. reading my bible
3. singing
4. walks along the river
5. coffee dates
6 my hubby's sense of humor
7. fresh snow
8. not having to drive in that snow!
9. worship
10 my relationship with Jesus
11. blogging
12. reading
13. yahoo dates with my bestest sister
14. seeing pictures posted of my grandkiddos (it would be better if I could see them in person, but..   : ( sigh.....
15. helping people
16. long drives on sunny days with no particular destination in mind.
17. random silliness
18. A London fog (earl gray concoction that has replaced my love affair with Chai)
19.watching Toddy stretch out while he sleeps in front of the fire
20. hugs
21. being near the water
22. driving over the bridge as we come into Tall Timber Ranch and catching the first glimpse of the massive mountain ridge rising above the camp
23. reminiscing  with Bruce about our romance
24 making up crazy stories about our romance and telling them to unsuspecting friends and acquaintances.
25. jigsaw puzzles
26. a clean kitchen (not that I enjoy the cleaning, it's the after it's done feeling that brings satisfaction)
27. watching my husband read his bible
28. kisses (both the chocolate and the real ones)
29. sleeping in
30. fresh sheets on the bed
31. watching Earl the Squirrel on my deck
32. listening to rain on the roof
33. the warmth of wood heat
34. sitting around a campfire
35 camping
36. road trips
37. fuzzy thick socks
38 pedicures
39. candles
40. staff meetings that are full of praise, prayer, worship and celebrations!
41. praise gatherings
42. snow on the mountains
43. free internet connections!
44. staying in a *nice* hotel
45. coffee in bed with the paper
46. tea pot and cozy, w/ proper china to drink it in
47. my job
48. my wedding ring ( both for the sparkly beauty and for what it represents)
49. old photos
50. antique stores
51. LP records!
52. happy endings
53. music playing in the background
54. music cranked while driving fast
55. hearing adoption stories
56. letters from long lost friends
57 facebook connections
58. words of encouragement (given and received)
59. fields full of cows munching on grass.
60. Bruce ( I didn't forget him, remember this is in no order)
61. home baked bread
62. eating out
63. caller ID
64. scrapbook paper (endless possibilities)
65. making the list--not so much, crossing things off, yes!
66. autumn
67. crocuses and daffodils poking up out of the ground
68. a glass of wine with dinner (or after dinner)
69. a warm blanket
70. a good movie and a bowl of popcorn
71. puppies
72. pink ribbons and bows in a little girls hair
73. chicklets gum
74. quiet time
75. libraries and book mobiles
76. drive throughs... banks, espresso stands, take out....
77. looking through my cedar chest
78. hot showers, warm towels and smelly good lotions
79. weddings
80. power-point photo slides
81. coffee with real cream
82. wicker baskets
83. researching online (www!!! google!!! snopes!!!)
84. coffee table books
85. Chuckanut Drive
86. Blvd Park
87. Silver Lake
88. cool shade on a hot day
89. sweet tea
90. understanding and appreciating what I have and that it all comes from God.

...and every good and perfect thing, comes from you, Father of Lights. (adapted from James 1.17)


  1. I love your list Robyn! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    There are some things you put on there that I definitely forgot to include, like looking through my cedar chest (it mostly has mementos from grade school and high school) and a good movie and a bowl of popcorn!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. What a list and so positive...I love my husband's sense of humour too...not so keen on a foggy London day but I get lots of foggy days here in the UK so sunny would be nicer.
    Thank you for the very generous comment you left me on my blog. I've signed up to follow you as I love hanging out with positive people:)
    Warm wishes


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