Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Partnership with God

Imagine God as your partner.

It's a bit overwhelming. I have had a partner, in business and understand first hand how that can- and can not- work. I consider my husband my partner in life and know first hand the sweetness of this. But God as my partner in the work He has designed for me to do? Wow, it is a bit overwhelming.

I started thinking about this today as I read from Mark 6 about how Jesus could not do many miracles in His hometown due to their disbelief. And a new concept about this dawned on me. It isn't that Jesus COULDN'T preform miracles, it was that He CHOSE to not do many miracles, because they did not believe in Him.

I am reminded that God is ALWAYS in control of EVERYTHING. Yet, He INVITES me to PARTNER with Him through prayer and word and deed. It is a very humbling and awesome thought.

In this same chapter of Mark, is also the passage about how Jesus sent the disciples out in twos, to heal the sick, call sinners to repentance and even to cast out demons. I draw comfort in the fact that He paired them up. He never intended for us to have to go solo. While our ultimate power and security comes from God with the Holy Spirit working through us, He also recognizes and honors our need for human companionship. We do not have to do it alone. We can draw strength and encouragement from a fellow believer.

Tonight, Bruce and I will begin hosting a new ALPHA series and we anticipate this will be a larger crowd then what we have ever led before. 2 to 6 people (friends) in your living room is one thing. 12 or more in a church room is something else! Especially when there will be people we don't know very well or may be meeting them for the first time! So, I am grateful that not only do I have the Holy Spirit leading me and giving me the abilities to do this, but He has also partnered me with my amazing husband so we can encourage and support one another.

from Ecclesiastes 4;12 : a cord of three is not easily broken.

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