Friday, January 14, 2011

I Should Be Sleeping

I didn't take my sleep aide tonight. And I don't work tomorrow. So, it's crazy but awfully cozy, to stay up late and surf the web and spiff up the blog. I get restless and have to make changes every so often. Same with my living room, although there's only so many ways I can re-arrange the furniture...

I have just been listening to the rain as it pelts the windows and trickles down the gutter and spout. the fire is crackling.  The wind is busy and I can still hear cars as tires cruise through a deep rivet of water on the road. I can also hear my sweetie sawing some mighty big logs upstairs. ;)

Today has been a satisfactory day in many ways. I had a great day at work. I slept well last night. I had some deep thoughts and epiphanies this week, today included, that I will write about maybe tomorrow. But for tonight, it's nice to just putz.


  1. sorry you were not able to sleep. I have had a terrible cold so nyquil has been my *friend* of late! ;)
    may you find rest today and have a wonderful rest of the day and an awesome weekend. love you.

  2. I used to rearrange my bedroom at home every couple of months or so because I would just need a CHANGE! Now all the places I've lived my stuff fits in only one way, but hey, at least I've moved every couple of years or so... :-) By the way, what work are you doing right now?


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