Saturday, December 4, 2010

Season of Advent

So, even though, officially, it is still a count down to my birthday, I do celebrate with great pleasure, the season of Advent.

I never had Advent calendars or wreaths growing up, and didn't do them regularly with my kids either but it latter years, I have come to appreciate and love the preparing of our hears and minds for the Christmas.

Advent means coming. Celebrating Advent, marking the days, is in some ways like the movie previews we see in a theater. Advent heightens the senses and emotions and sets the stage for the wonder of Christmas.

I guess I like counting things.... whether its the countdown to a birthday or holiday or the songs like the 12 days of Christmas. Its the anticipation and excitement of the season...

One family I know has a special tradition of setting up what they call their 'advent cradle' next to a bucket of straw. Each time someone in the family does an act of kindness or love, they can slip straw into the cradle. By the time Christmas arrives, the cradle should be brimming with straw, as a way to 'welcome baby Jesus', while simultaneously prepared their hearts to welcome Jesus as well. What a lovely practice.

Do you celebrate Advent? What are your traditions?

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