Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catching My Breath

Seems like i have had very little time for writing for pleasure the last little while. Between work (working on a newsletter for missions!) and school and small group and discipleship class... well... you get the picture!

Today however, both Bruce and I are home...but not for long. A trip to town running errands is on the horizon and so I quickly take the opportunity afforded by my munching husband, to spew a few.

Nothing earth shaking. Nothing deep. Nothing of significance. Just a moment to stop, catch my breath and live in the moment, enjoying the chance to think. and write.

Our last discipleship class was Monday night and we ended the evening with a time of prayer. We end every time that way but this one was special in that Pastor Steve anointed us with oil and prayed over each of us for a specific ministry we feel God has called us to.

Not surprisingly I said with calm assurance that I knew God has gifted and called me to write. Be it a novel or a short story or a devotional, but I feel He can use me in His way for spreading the gospel. So I asked for fresh anointing to be spirit inspired in all I write.

So... even as I say I have nothing deep or significant to write about, and it is just a moment to catch my breath and jot down a few notes, I recognize that God is in the midst of this.

I hope whatever you are doing today, be it creating, working, loving your family, or enjoying a day of leisure, that God is in the midst of your day too.

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