Monday, November 15, 2010

Being Thankful Day 15

Thankful for a rainy Monday believe it or not! Tomorrow I will start my new job (!!!) and as excited as I am for that, today will be a day of relishing the staying home and nesting.

So... the job! I will be working as the assistant to the Missions/Dream Director at North County Christ the King church. it's part time and some of the work involves helping with Dream School and some of it will be for the online store they are putting together. ( a place where you can buy fair trade items from some of the countries/missions NCCTK supports) I will leave it at that for now as I will gain a better understanding of what exactly I will be doing as the week progresses.

just a few other blessings that pop up as I ponder...

postal workers. I don't think they get appreciated enough but the folks who run the Deming Post Office as just the nicest group of guys. There is always a big smile, a jolly laugh and a helpful, considerate attitude from them.

free book exchange. My Curves has a book exchange corner and today I scored a couple of 'new' reads for myself. Now I just need to remember to bring some books in next time I go for my work out.

The Foothills Gazette. our local (east county) paper comes out every couple of weeks and it's just a fun newsy community paper, run by some really nice people. if you need to place an ad for something, please consider giving them a jingle.  So Hurray- Hurrah for the Gazette!

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