Monday, September 6, 2010

Yay for Shopping!

Only a woman can say that right? Well, at least in my household! Last week I did my shopping for the outfit to wear to the wedding.... And I did good, I think! Fall colors, an outdoor wedding, down on the farm.... yup, I think this will work well....

Today we did the shopping for the "Wedding Officiant" (he won't let me use the 'P' word). Found a classy, casual outfit for him that happens to match quite nicely with mine. (imagine that!)
I think we're gonna look pretty good.

Actually, I think my outfit has the hots for his...

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  1. such a cute post. I love that your outfit has the hots for his. :) Make sure someone takes a picture of those outfits ON the two of you too at the wedding!!!!



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