Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramping Up

Whoa! I don't have any kids to get ready for school but September is already blitzed out on my poor calendar! It's a good thing... I think.

After a year and a half of a self-imposed state of retirement (translation; sleep in, read lots of books and basically do what ever I want every day without any of the retirement bennies) it is time for me to get back in the stream of life.

Not that I have been completely idle. I mean, I have written 2 novels, numerous short stories, gone on a mission trip, helped start a new church and kept hearth and home in working order. I am talking about getting back in the stream of life, as in really serving, really stretching and really growing in my life.

Bruce and I are starting Dream Realization School at NCCTK. Our first class starts Sept. 14th and it runs through the school year. It's a 2 year course, designed to give lay people a better working knowledge of ministry and mission and life's calling. I am excited. A little nervous too; it's been a l-o-n-g time since this girl has done homework!!

We are also starting a 12 week Discipleship Class with one of the pastors from NCCTK. He has asked Bruce to co-lead the class with him at the same time as being a participant. (All part of getting Bruce's feet wet in the ministry) This will be on Thurs. nights and some Mondays. And finally, we decided it was time to host a small group.

Our small group will be a focus group and the focus this first time out will be to build up the core of the Deming campus. We will be using Alpha as our tool for this. It's a 12 week commitment too so I do know we'll have a break time at an appointed time. that's good! (I am a sprinter and I need a finish line!)

We also have the wedding this month for Dan and Kelsey. We'll head to the Dalles, Ore. on the 16th-- picking up my sister and her hubby-- at the airport in Portland on the way. Anita and Ed also happen to be the parents of the groom. Looking forward to some Sister-Time!!

the wedding will also be an awesome time--- with my sweet husband officiating the ceremony. Pretty exciting stuff, but I know he's nervous. I keep telling him he will be do wonderfully -- and I know he will.

This long weekend get away will also serve as our anniversary vacation. it's not till the 28th but timing is such that this is when we will take our trip.

Now that I have written this all out, it doesn't seem so overwhelming after all. Bite sized pieces and it's manageable!! After all.... God's in control and all things are possible with Jesus!

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