Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Territory

We leave tomorrow for the Dalles, Oregon and Dan and Kelsey's wedding! Picking up Anita and Ed at the airport in Portland and then continuing along the Columbia River down to The Dalles. It's new territory-- both in traversing country side we've never been too-- always exciting! and of course, totally new territory is the Wedding Officiant Role for Bruce.

He is still hammering out parts to the ceremony and praying over every word he writes. I know it is going to be just fine. Actually it will be more than fine because God is writing it and God is perfect!

Excited-- let me rephrase that-- SUPER EXCITED to see my sister and have time with her for the next few days. it's been I think, 3 years since our last sister-time. And seeing my nieces and nephews is always great too. Family time!!

so, back to the packing... and last minute errand running!

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  1. I know you are having such a wonderful family time and I am super excited to hear about it when you guys get back home. Tell Bruce I am thinking of him and have total confidence in him and in our God who will give Bruce the perfect words.



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