Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream School

Last night, Bruce and I attended our first class for Dream Realization School. This is a (school) year long course designed to deepen our relationship with Abba Father, solidify our identity in Christ, grow in Christ-like character, increase biblical knowledge, develop spirit-filled ministry skills, learn how to work in teams and clarify our unique callings.
I am excited!!

Bruce and I both came away last night totally pumped about it. We both feel this is exactly what we need right now in our lives! It's going to be an awesome journey. Pastor Kim is so committed to Dream School. He said he feels dream school this is the most important thing he does at NCCTK as the Sr. Pastor. He is teaching the body of Christ how to be real disciples.

The class is huge! I don't know the head count but there were at least 8 tables if not more, each table with 5-7 people at them. They have us divided up-- so husbands and wives are not together, and each table is all the same gender. These table mates will be our companions for the next few months as we work and study and learn and grow. After a couple of months we will be moved around, never allowing us to get too comfortable, lol, but to keep us stretched and growing. Whew-boy. that will be a stretcher for me!

My table is made up of 6 women, myself included. We range in age from i am guessing late 30's- early 50's. I was asked to be facilitator of my table so when we work in table groups, I am to keep us on task-- no bird walking, no hogging all the talk time. I was surprised by the request to act in this responsibility-- not opposed at all- just surprised. At least 2 of the other women struck me as strong leaders and could easily have done this role. Aha.... maybe that's why I was asked to do it-- to start developing a stronger leadership role. Okay. i can handle that! :)
It is after all, part of why I signed on for the course.

We have homework; assigned reading. Our first book is "God as He longs for you to see Him" by Chip Ingram. Delved into it last night after we got home. Great stuff. Here's a deep thought: What you think about God shapes your whole relationship with him. In addition, what you believe God thinks about you determines how close you will grow toward him.

and here's another one..... just as powerful and thought provoking.....

until you know God as he is, you will never become all that he's created you to be.

I will be studying on that one for the days to come....

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