Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weeks Worth of Waffles

If you have heard of or read the book "Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti" then the title about Waffles will make some sort of sense. Men tend to compartmentalize-- like the little squares that make a pancake a waffle. And this past week has been full of little squares of life.

Bruce and I had a meeting Monday afternoon with Pastor's Kim and Steve W to talk about where God might be calling/leading us. There was special emphasis on how CTK might play a role in that. And we are open to where ever God is leading us, calling us. We are going to take some spiritual gifting tests and plan on taking some classes this fall through CTK that will help us develop our spiritual giftings. Bruce, especially needs to be tuned to hear the call. The Call being The CALL. like uh.... ministry.... gulp.

We had our prayer night in Deming, which Icovered in a previous post. But it was a really great prayer time!

I took my power point and gave a presentation at my mom's senior church group. It was a lot of fun! I got to talk on a mic and had total control of how long I talked and how long to stay at each picture. hee hee. Really did enjoy it. I felt very natural and at ease thru the whole talk time and felt that the Holy Spirit guided me in what to say.
Afterwards this little lady came up and grabbed my hands and said 'Dear i have to tell you i am 100% greek and have never been to Greece but my parents were from there. Seeing those pictures were so special to me. Thank you for coming today!"
Awww. I was also pleased that mom enjoyed it so much and she got to brag on me to her friends.

Bruce and I drove down to Enumclaw and stayed the night with our nephew Dan and his finance Kelsey. They are getting married in Sept,. and Bruce is marrying them. So this was his first pre-marital counseling session with them. We gave them the books (the 5 love languages and the Waffles/Spaghetti) and left them with a lengthy questionnaire designed to see how well they know each other and what common grounds they share. It was a great visit and i think Bruce is a natural for what he needed to do. Bruce encourage me to help with advice etc as well which was great fun!
We got to talk about our faith and how important that is and it was encouraging to know they were listening and open to hearing us. God is good!

we took in the street fair at Enumclaw before we came home. Hot sun, lots of booths, fair food, and music. Simple life. good life.

we attended 2 church services. 1st CTK Deming, then up to Kendall for the CTK celebration of the completion of the old holy smoke tavern back into a church. no more fire water-- only living water!!! Awesome!!!

it was a great week and now, it's Monday again and I sit in the shade of my front porch watching my neighbors and the cars and waiting for the kitchen to cool down enough to go in and cook some dinner. Made significant headway on my novel today and am thinking the end is in sight! then the real work begins.... the re-write. :)

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