Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Role Reversal

i am the daughter
i am the mom
sometimes it is hard to see which role i am playing.

i spend days with my mother

but i am the one in charge

i guide her and say no
when she makes inappropriate demands

i am the one who takes her to the doctor
and listens to the instructions
i tell her to take her medicine
and fasten her seatbelt.

she says she did this for her mother too.

i am the mom
and i have a daughter

sometimes i feel as though i have lost her.

she lives far away
but its not about miles
we follow different paths

and often do not agree

when she was little

i could teach her the rules
and rock her to sleep

and keep her safe

i told her she would do this for her own children someday.

i want my mother to stay independent
i won't do everything for her automatically
i want my daughter to depend on God
and i will do anything to point her that direction.

i say no to my mother
knowing this is right
and i feel good about standing firm

i say no to my daughter
knowing this is right
and my heart aches when she's angry.

it was easier being the daughter
even as i rebelled.


  1. loved it. love you. love how we both can use words/poetry to help us 'work' through things. we are very much alike you and I love that you are in my life. I am thankful.


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