Tuesday, June 15, 2010

which direction?

have had to take a break:
from any kind of writing for a couple of days because of back issues. saw the chiropractor yesterday which usually means complete relief by the next day but since it was the prolonged sitting that seemed to bring this on, I have been trying to avoid repeating that offense.  that means the novel has been sitting for a couple of days as well.

I guess that's okay...
emotionally it has been a little draining at times, at other times it has been very liberating and I come away fully charged and maybe even a little aggressive. stirs up some memories and they are not all good ones. but thank you Jesus, I am not where I was and not who I was back then. I am FREE!!!!

Today I have to chose carefully
which direction to go...  first choice is do i work on the novel and if so which direction shall I take my MC now? or do I work on a new mission opportunity presented to me?

Exciting Possibilities!! 
NCCTK wants to develop an online store that features items from other countries (India, Honduras, Macedonia, Israel to name just a few) to sell. Things like coffee, jewelry, clothing, purses etc. the COOL thing about shopping this way is, that you can feel good about your purchases because the money will go to the mission CTK supports.

how I fit in: 
the items placed online need descriptions, but more than that they need a personal touch. They need 'faces' given to the people this ministry will be helping. I can do that! And because I have been giving a lot of intentional thought to how my God given gift can be used for God, this is a perfect way for me to get started. So I am excited!!

Ponder & Prayer
Both Bruce and I have some things to ponder about how God may be calling us to join in his next adventure. I am not trying to be mysterious, just not quite ready to share everything other than a request for prayer as we explore possibilities. So i ask for wisdom, of course, and discernment, naturally, but also spiritual ears, spiritual eyes, spiritual hearts, to really know what God is showing us. And then, for courage, because sometimes saying 'no thank you " is the safe answer, but not necessarily the right answer.... and saying yes, will require sacrifice and that can be a little scary.

I like how this picture of Bruce kind of represents those choices... you go out on a limb for God and underneath you can be some cold, dark, unknown elements. But you trust God. He will not let you down.  but it still requires that first initial step... step out in faith.

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