Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Next Mission

Tall Timber Ranch. What is it about the name that brings to mind a million amazing memories... the sounds, the smells, the people... Well, if you have ever been here you know.

Bruce and I have been coming over to Tall Timber for Work n' Worship Week for oh... about 15 years I guess, with only a few years where we didn't make it. Really? 15 YEARS?? HOLY COW! But, it's true!
This year we brought friends with us; Wendi, (from the Macedonia Trip) and her two children, Natalie (11) and Hunter (almost 9)  We will be here till Friday and the projects for the week include, (for Bruce) working on a new front porch on the Omak cabin (log railings and such) and (for Wendi) helping with construction on the brand new BMX bike jump.
Hunter and Natalie's jobs are to  not  kill each other or get carried away by the infamous Tall Timber Mosquito! Actually, Natalie has already commandeered Harry and his golf cart. She got to do some driving around the camp with Harry riding shot gun and I think she was pretty excited about that. they both brought their bikes and have ridden all around the camp this morning and its only 10:30!
My job this week, other than capturing it all with word and picture, is to be the official gopher; a role I am quite proficient at. :)

one of this week's 'challenges' or explorations... not sure what to call it yet.. is that we brought Toddy along. Crazy maybe to introduce the cat to camping but I had a couple of reasons why i packed him up with us rather than leave him home. 1. the gal who usually is the one I call on to check in on toddy when we are away is here at TTR too. Juli is working on summer staff again this year-- Go Julianna!! which leads into reason #2. with Toddy still getting over his wounds from a nasty cat fight the week before, I was a little concerned that should he get in another scrape, and there was no immediate care given, we'd come home to find him really sick.  OK so maybe I'm a little overboard about my cat... but the first step to getting help is to admit it..... :) done!

Getting out the driveway yesterday was a chore because, typical to us, packing was not done till the last minute (let me clarify that when I say us I really mean him) and then as I was emptying the garbage and last minute kitchen clean up, I discovered a horrible smell coming from somewhere in the kitchen.... after nearly 30 minutes of exploration, we finally discovered it was coming from under the fridge... and after some more poking and prodding, realized the only way we'd get said smell out was to 'lift up' the fridge.... so get a hand truck and 2x6... and at last... bye bye dead mouse.

But finally, we were on our way!! We arrived about 9:30 last night and set up our trailer. Wendi and the kids are in a room in the Cedar House and we are just across the way on the old basketball court... got some shade from the big cedar trees and some sun shining in between the clouds this morning. (last night we listened to a lot of rain)

and how is Toddy liking it? Well, he did well on the ride over, in his cat carrier. he isn't crazy about a harness or a leash (I'm going out to take the cat for a drag honey) Last night was a little odd, setting up house making accommodations for litter box.. (it's a tiny trailer) but he slept next to me as he always does and with plenty of purring...

you know sometimes i lay in bed, not moving, thinking "I am one very loved woman." because I have my husband snuggled up on one side, snoring in my ear , and the cat on the other side purring.  and I am not moving because I can't!!

This morning we finished setting up camp, by putting up our new screen tent which gives us a little more 'living room' space. Toddy has been under the covers all morning where he feels safe. I guess he is a little traumatized by yesterday's events but he purrs every time I check on him so I know he's okay.

Breakfast was at 8, then we joined the summer staff (this is their training week) for morning devotions led by Victoria, the head cook. It was about humbleness. True humbleness, recognizing that everything comes from God-- we can't take credit for it.

After that I gave Wendi a tour of the camp. Tried to get the kids to go with us, but they said they already knew where everything was. hmmmm kids! gotta love it. Did get Hunter to go with us to see the Prayer Labyrinth and he walked it. He was surprised at how long it actually took him to reach the center.  hoping to get in my own prayer walk on it some time this week.

Now the work day has seriously started and i see clouds rolling in so praying for some warm clear days to enable much progress on the projects.

Stay tuned....  and next time there will be some pictures!

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