Thursday, May 6, 2010

a typical day

We gather each morning in the hotel dining room around 7;45 for breakfast and devotions. Breakfast is either omelets or boiled eggs, a beef noodle soup which actually is quite tasty, bread or toast, fruit juice, coffee, fruit if requested and often tomatoes and cucumbers.

We are taking turns with morning devotions and are usually joined by Ryan, Slave and Tony at some point during breakfast.

By 9 we are on our way to the job site. Most all mornings we have had transportation to work. Walking takes about 20-30 minutes and it's not a difficult walk. Driving is probably harder on us as the rules of the road seem to be, who ever gets there first. or not... depends on how determined you are. we quickly learned that the best way to be a passenger is to ride with our eyes closed. yes, it's just a little crazy on the road, but I have not seen any accidents yet!

Work starts as soon as we arrive at the sports center and have greeted the others (employees of the center, work crews who are overhauling the outer surface of the building etc) work continues until 12;30-1 when we break for lunch. Yesterday we opted for picnic lunch under the trees at the center to save some time. will do that again today I think.

We take breaks as we need them. usually finish up work by 4;30 and then head back to the hotel. again walking or riding. walking after a long day is a challenge sometimes but it can also offer time to reflect and wind down if the day has been particularly trying.

After showers and fresh clothes and often naps, we go somewhere for dinner. Pizza is a common choice. Dinner in Macedonia is typically very late-- 9 or 10 pm, which can take some getting used to if you are like those of us who never eat after 7.

Weather has been beautiful-- sunny, some breezes, but very warm-- in the 80's during the day and maybe high 60's at night.

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