Friday, May 14, 2010

Picture of the Day

In honor of our 12 days in Macedonia and Greece I thought I would post my favorite picture for each day there.  I hope I haven't set myself up for failure. LOL> toooo many to choose from but I'm gonna try!!

 the castle in Dusseldorf~ how long did it take for all that ivy to grow all over it?

the day I met Mary she showed me her pig. the pride in her voice and face as she conveyed to me that this was HER pig really impacted me. In the face of extreme poverty and a land where women are often looked at as of lessor value, the hope and power that owning her own pig provides her was very humbling to me.
this may seem like a strange photo to pick as a favorite BUT this was after a difficult day where many of us were feeling the effects of stress. dinner at this restaurant was not only a veritable feast but provided much comic relief!

On Wed. I was given access to the office and internet! whoot! Whoot! This allowed me to really concentrate on my position as official recorder for the team.

we walked around down town on thursday evening, doing a little window shopping and enjoyed dinner with Jyl.

we sat in on bible study with Ryan and his coaches on both Tuesday and Friday and it was really neat to hear the words read in Macedonian, and to hear personal stories and their thoughts and feelings about the work of the Holy Spirit. It was a special gathering.

this is Tony and he is a very special guy. He gave up his day off to drive us to Bulgaria, ensured we had a very special lunch, drove us to the waterfall and just went out of his way to make sure we had a day filled with good memories.  He has a heart of gold!

Sunday was a visit to Skopje birthplace of Mother Teresa: this handwritten note by Mother Teresa was powerful and moving.

Our last day in Strumica and at the Sports Center; these 2 ladies work at the sports center and have the sweetest spirits! Fena on the left and Bosil on the right. I think they are sisters but I was never quite sure. (darn that language barrier!)

the drive to Greece. The fields are just filled with the brilliant color of poppies. they sum up for me the colorful and rich experience our visit was.

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