Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our last night in Greece and Our first day Home

We came back from Philippi and spent some time in the seaside village of Kavala (formerly known as Napolis). It is a beautiful city with a delightful mixture of old and new.
I won't have pictures to upload at this time because of a dead battery in the camera but I will post when I get copies of pictures from others in the group.

We walked around Kavala, following windy narrow cobblestone streets that took us up high into the hill of the city. We eventually came out at the top where an ancient fort is still standing.  Oh wow! 360 degree view of  the city and the Aegean Sea below. We enjoyed the experience of squatty-potties- my first ever and I think I would rather get a kidney infection than do that again but sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do and when you gotta do it....

We came down from the fort on the other side and meandered through more windy streets. Bruce bought me a little trinket-- bracelet-- at a sidewalk shop. We eventually returned to the port and debated where to have dinner. the proprietor of a very nice eatery used persuasive powers to eat at his place rather than the one right next door. dinner was fabulous so I think we were all glad he did. I feasted on the Moussaka.  (when in Greece ....) on my it was divine!!

We finally were ready to climb back on the bus and rode sleepily back to Thessaloniki to our hotel room. Very nice accommodations-- only too bad our stay was so short. Up early the next morning to catch the shuttle bus to the airport.... and so began our longest day. Since we have been operating 9 hours ahead of our home time, now as we traveled west, we traveled backwards in time!

From Thessaloniki to Munich, to Washington DC/Dulles to Seatac, the longest being that 8 hours over the ocean. Some of us were able to sleep as we flew, but it's not ever a real deep sleep. I did more napping than I ever have however, thanks to a Benadryl.

Arrived in Seatac at a little after 8pm Wed. night and finally parted ways. Arrived home in Deming around 11 pm to find one very happy cat. Toddy has been pretty much glued to my side since we got home.

Watch for some follow up blogs as each of us does some processing of the trip and of course, for more pictures!

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