Friday, May 7, 2010

Peoples Stories

I am afraid I will not be able to do justice to the amazing things I hear each day. Each person's story is so precious. I think my next purchase must be a small recorder because i can not recapture it all with my sometimes feeble mind!!

Tony's Story
Tony came to faith because of a mission team from Albuquerque NM. they were here for a month and frequented Tony's donut shop. One of the men became friends with Tony and invited him to have coffee. This man shared the gospel with Tony. Tony listened. He invited Tony to church. Tony came. As the pastor talked, Tony's mind wandered. Suddenly he tuned back in just as the pastor said people are like sheep. This was a bit of an insult to Tony and he went home a bit offended by this. but as he drove he mulled this over and thought; this man did not come here to hurt me. he would not say these things to anger me. So Tony decided to find out more about what the pastor meant when he said we are like sheep. Out of this Tony came to realize his need to confess his sins and ask Jesus to forgive him and to come and live in his heart.  Eventually Tony has come to work full time with the ministries of Strumica Bible Club and sports Center.

Tony and his lovely wife Vesna invited us for lunch today in their home. We sat at a beautifully decorated table, under a large shady fig tree in their yard. Vesna served us chicken cordon bleu, coleslaw, sliced cucumbers, grilled yukon gold potatoes and beverages. Tony and Vesna expressed how honored they felt to be able to have us to their home in this way. We enjoyed the visit and the restful time spent eating and talking. Ryan and Jyl were also present. It was just a lovely afternoon.

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