Friday, May 7, 2010

More Pictures

Kate, our fearless leader. she drives a mean wheelbarrow! :)

the shower in our hotel room. there is no shower curtain so every time we take a shower we also wash the floor. guess that makes it easier for housekeeping.  note the hand held shower. if we use the installed hook above, we flood the toilet. so the hand held shower is really hand held!

another shot of the city of Strumica. the large building at the back of the photo, over to the left is the sports center. behind that, the blue building is the soccer stadium.

this pictures break my heart. these are Roma children (Roma gypsies) who come each day to the hotel and beg for money.  it's beyond sad that they live in such poverty. Can you imagine if we could bathe them, clothe them, feed them and keep them healthy how beautiful they would be. Inside and Out. again, it's just heart breaking and there is so little we can do in the short time we are here.

we drove through the Roma community the other night. I can only imagine what the insides of these homes look like...

"fired" from the tile job, we were moved to the 'cafe' area to paint.  Here's the team hard at work.  There is hope that the cafe will be up and running by the first of June. Looking at the place it seems a very tall order but we serve a VERY BIG GOD!!

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