Wednesday, April 28, 2010

checking things off the list...

Passports scanned and emailed to self. check!
new watch battery. check!
purchase new flip flops. check! (thanks Mom!)
buy granola bars and other 'American munchies". check!
finish laundry. check!
pack  pill travel container. check!
get consent/release forms notarized. check!
finish packing ... all but the last minute essentials.
visit mom. check!

yes it was a productive day and I am bushed. took mom with me as I ran some errands so we got in a nice visit including lattes. :) 
the only thing I did not do was visit the chiropractor and my neck is screaming at me for that. maybe I can work it in tomorrow but I hate to make another trip to town. whine whine whine. maybe it should be wine wine wine and then I won't care, LOL!

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