Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission Trip Overview and Information -- the nutshell version

Bruce and I will be traveling with a team from North County Christ the King Church (Lynden) to Macedonia in May. We will be there for 2 weeks, working with a church in Strumica making needed repairs to the building (a large sports plex facility) where they hold both worship services and youth sports outreach ministries.

We have purchased the plane tickets which means we really are going!! :) (originally this trip was planned for last fall but due to some unforseen health problems with key people, the trip was delayed and then restructured.)

In this group of 8, Bruce will be leading the work team, project bathroom renovations! Kate, our missions trip coordinator, and myself have great hopes of being able to connect with some of the women in the church and community, building relationships that help them understand their priceless value in God's eyes. (women in this region are most often thought of as 2nd class citizens and domestic abuse is very very high)

SO! what does all this mean to YOU? Well, mission trips never come with out cost. While we have been successful in raising over 3/4 of the cost, there is still about $6-800 shortfall which we still need to raise between the two of us.

For even as little as $10 you can help. If ten people gave $10 that would be $100. Maybe you know 10 people around you (your small group or bible study, the choir you sing in, your coffee buddies, co-workers etc) Would you be willing to ask 10 people to donate $10?

Tax deductible donations can be sent, made out to NCCTK, directly to North County Christ the King church (1816 18th St. Lynden, Wa 98264) please indicate that the money is for Bruce & Robyn Burke- mission trip to Macedonia. or you can send it directly to us.(PO Box 337 Deming Wa 98244)

We appreciate your support and most of all we value your prayers. Prayer coverage as we prepare to go, good health, traveling mercies, for our mission trip purpose, for the people of Macedonia... all vital prayer concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for giving this consideration. You will be blessed!

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