Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ten Days

My husband is going on another mission trip. He leaves this Friday.

Traveling to Costa Rica with a group from our church; a team of 7, they will be involved with construction work on a church in San Ramon (the men) and visiting the hospitals and orphanage (the women). A visit to the Barrio and a puppet show at church is also planned involving the whole team. They will be gone for ten days.

During his absence I have a ten day plan of my own. I'll be participating in a 'diet' from the same nutritionist who designed the Fast Metabolism Diet, called the "Fast Metabolism Cleanse". It's a pretty strict eating plan, involving a lot (LOT) of healthy shakes and meals that are designed to rev up the metabolism while ridding yourself of toxins.

I've been experiencing quite a bit of distress digestively speaking and after doing some reading up on the cleanse, thought this might be a great way for me to get a fresh start on better eating habits. Learning it was for 10 days it seemed perfect timing-- with Bruce gone, I can concentrate on my eating plan and not have to worry about preparing his meals. (be tempted!)

So, 10 days for him, 10 days for me. Each focused on something entirely different but supporting one another in our separate endeavors.

I'll keep you posted on what's happening on both sides.

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