Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life Goes On

This may be the longest break I've taken since I began blogging. I have to admit, upon my return from Florida, I fell into a funk. Sure, we can blame the depression (under control but always lurking) and certainly the awful sinus/upper respiratory infection that lingered for 6 weeks. But mostly, it was (is)  the pain of separation. Saying good bye is never easy. And the realization of just how much my grandkids have grown and changed since we visited in 2012 has had a very sobering effect. I've missed such a huge portion of their lives.

As I watched the days get gradually longer and the buds breaking forth on the trees and bushes, my spirits started to lift a bit.  The approach of spring will do that.

Next week my sweetie and I will take a little trip to the coast, visiting family and enjoying the Olympic Rain Forest and other hidden treasures. It will be great to get away and relax, play and have time together. Maybe this vacation will help chase away the blues and maybe even help restore my desire to write!

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  1. Spring has helped me too. It was a rough winter. I hope trip was fun! :)


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