Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Yes, I know I just misspelled it but with the amount of wind swirling around out there, the spelling actually fits quite well.

It's one of those perfect pre-fall days. Sunny, high 60's, warm enough to get away with capris and a t-shirt, but the sun has moved just far enough from us to warrant a sweater for back up. Leaves have begun to depart from the trees, the golden hues of Autumn are starting to appear. The kids are back in school, the Halloween decor is showing up in stores (who am I kidding-- Christmas decor is showing up in stores!!) and Pumpkin Spiced everything is being pushed upon us.

But you know me... it's still summer as far as I'm concerned. Technically it IS summer until September 23rd. And while Autumn is my favorite season I am just not willing to let go of the notion of summer quite yet.

Even if the winds of change are a'blowing.

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