Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's Hoping...

Hubby and I are on another little adventure! I'm hoping this time away will blow the cobwebs out of my brain and restore some creativity. It feels in some ways that it already has. YAY!!

This morning on the Facebook page that I admin for my Christian Women's Write Group, I saw a comment from one of the members lamenting something similar to my last blog post about writer's block.

On the one hand I certainly could identify and sorrow with her, on the other hand it was sort of a relief to know that I wasn't the only one feeling this! Anyway, as a result I made Writer's Block this weeks writing prompt. Here's hoping that having to write about writer's block might help release the creative juices and at the very least perhaps we will all gain some ideas about how to handle this unwanted but very real issue.

Meanwhile, here I sit, facing a gray washed sky and wind blown trees. I'm sipping a lovely cup of Chai tea. At my feet is a large sleeping (snoring) old dog and not far away another sleeping little dog.

We are visiting Bruce's brother out on the west coast where Bruce is doing some repairs on the house. A few days away is always refreshing, even if it involves some work.

 While I watch the guys brainstorm over deck upgrades I am also thinking about what to fix for dinner here tonight. Call me crazy but I find it kind of fun to cook for others especially in a new-to me- kitchen and for folks who will really appreciate a good home cooked meal after a long time of bachelor-cooking.

Because my brother in law lives on an decommissioned airport-- seriously, his drive way is part of the old taxiway-- my morning walk today was down the taxiway and back. Always fun to explore a new path and I saw evidence of 'wildlife' in several 'piles'. I learned later that there is a herd of elk that frequent this area so the chances of seeing some this week is good. I would prefer to view them at a SAFE distance however, since running into them while out walking might prove a bit unnerving.

Another fun fact about Bruce's brother is that he is a pilot so living on this old airport serves him well. He has his own small plane that he can taxi out of his shop and take off right from here. The plan originally was that he was going to fly over to collect us for the week but while we were enjoying a gorgeous sunny day in our neck of the woods, a heavy fog was developing in his. Not good flying weather so we made the last minute decision to just drive over. It's about a 5 hour drive including a short ferry ride, which we didn't mind. Spending time with my best friend is never a bad thing.

This is the week leading up to our anniversary and we have plans for camping for the weekend. I look at this week away as a little bit of warm up for the big deal! 18 years of blessings is something to celebrate!!

God has been good to us. But then God is always good. Even when we can't see it, or feel it, even when life's circumstances seem to be bringing us down, God is still God. Sovereign, Holy, Faithful and Loving. Even when I suffer from one of those days where it doesn't feel like my antidepressant is doing it's job or my body betrays me. Even when paying work dries up.  Even when the dreaded writer's block bonks me on the head. No matter what my circumstance, God is good and God is for me.  So, take that dry inkwell! Take that mood disorder! Take that fibromyalgia! Take that empty piggy bank!

A gust of wind has just risen up outside, bringing with it a fresh whirl of falling leaves. It serves to remind me that our God is always there to bring refreshment even as He brings change. I will rise to welcome it.

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