Monday, August 25, 2014

Road Tripping Part Three

Sunday Afternoon:Departure
Destination: Black Sandy State Park, Helena MT
Purpose: meeting up with our friends Lee and Laura

yummy BBQ on Saturday with Dave and Kathleen.

After 2 days of just relaxing with Dave and Kathy, we packed up the truck and trailer and followed them to church Sunday morning. It was a blessing to fellowship with them and see the crucial roles they play in their church family. There was a teary goodbye on the church steps after the service but I take comfort in the knowledge that this represents how very much we love and are loved in return. When I think about all the years I was deprived of a close relationship with my family, it just makes me appreciate what we have know all the more.

good byes are hard. but I'm taking you with me in my heart.

With the rain splashing against the window shield, we pushed ahead to Helena and the arranged location of hooking up with our friends. We arrived at the park before dark and with a practiced hand established camp and prepared dinner. The state park is located on Lake Helena and provided a beautiful, if breezy, view. But the rain had stopped and a warmer temperature was rising even as the sun set. Still we nestled under extra blankets, delighted to find sun and near balmy breezes when we awoke Monday morning.

Black Sandy State Park, Lake Helena

setting up camp next door to Lee and Laura.

picturesque Lake Helena 

if it was just a little warmer.... 

good morning world! I'm incognito till I've finished my coffee!!

We broke camp as quickly as we had set up and with our trusty GPS leading the way, set out on to Glacier National Park.

Monday Morning: Departure
Destination: Glacier National Park/ Sundance Campground, Coram Mt. 
Purpose: exploring Glacier and surrounding areas.
lake Helena

We drove till noon, over winding highways, through bucolic country side, some flat, some vast and wide, some mountainous. Trees and green fields told us the ranchers irrigated while on the other side of the road, dry grass rustled in the wind.


the long and winding road.

We broke for lunch at Salmon Lake State Park; a heart stoppingly beautiful lake on hwy 83. Lee and Laura in their little Shasta trailer and we in our Aristocrat, have everything we need pretty much at our fingertips, if we can just remember where we packed it!

the burke-turque with the shasta

 After a tasty lunch some of us dared to stick our toes in the lake and were pleasantly surprised to discover how warm it was. If the day was hotter I can imagine a refreshing dip in the water would have taken place.

Salmon Lake. Warm enough to wade.

We pushed on through more beautiful countryside, reveling in the sight of the Rocky Mountains to the east. Indescribable!

well, Hello Rocky Mountains!

what a view!!

We pushed on through Hungry Horse Montana, and then our chosen destination, Coram and the Sundance Campground/RV Park. Clean, quiet and with all the amenities we need: hot showers, laundry, shady camp sights, electricity and water hook ups. Even WiFi. Can't complain 'bout that!

almost to our destination.

south fork of the Flathead River

After setting up our campsites, we each cooked our dinner and then enjoyed them together at a shared picnic table. We managed to procure side by side campsites with a common area between us. After dinner and a brisk walk around the campground, a hot shower was in order. This evening the guys have a snapping crackling fire going in the fire pit and since the mosquitoes have discovered a way into my little burke-turque, I shall close down for the night and sit by the fire with my sweetie and my friends and plan our adventures for the next couple of days.

home sweet home for the next few days.

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