Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Senior Moments? Who Me?

What a silly day it's been.
For one thing it was raining and yet it was too warm for a jacket.
I had a bunch of stuff to do and I had my list.
I forgot the list when I left the house and I left the house late because I was making a list.
I was halfway to town when I realized I left my phone behind.
No time to retrieve it so I drove on.
After my first appointment I realized I forgot the clothes I was going to take to consign.
And my car was on empty because I forgot to fuel up this morning before I left.
I limped into Safeway because I forgot to put my super feet in my non-supportive-but-very-cute- shoes.
I got my Rx and fueled up at the Safeway gas pumps. Two nice things happened.
The price of my prescription has gone down about a dollar and I had Safeway points to use for fuel.
With a full tank I pulled out on the road and was driving  like a horse heading for the barn, when
I remembered my sister had invited me for tea and....
I was halfway home and couldn't call her because my phone was at home!

Talk about 'Senior Moments" !! Is this what I have to look forward to?

The day was not a total waste however because, Life IS Good. God is good. The rain stopped and it got very sunny and warm and I got in another bike ride today. I love my new bike! It is exactly what I have been dreaming about and looking for for some time. One speed, old school brakes, fat tires, my favorite color... it even has a bell now. Note the beverage holder-- perfect for a glass of wine. Just kidding. Water bottle!!

After my bike ride, (I am going to have fabulous thighs) I was inspired to do some writing and the story I have been thinking on for some time got squeezed out in a few hours! Whew. Except I lost track of time and there was NO Dinner ready when my man came home! Not to fear... I had stir fry makings in the fridge and we were sitting down to eat 30 minutes later.

And totally unrelated to any of this, I want to share some photos from the amazing sunset the other evening. Because these kinds of things so blow me away and remind me of just what an incredible Creator we have!

shooting through a car window pane, in a moving vehicle...

Yep. Life is beautiful. God is good.

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