Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Girls Allowed

Remember tree houses with rope ladders where little boys played serious games and absolutely did not allow girls to enter under any circumstances?

My husband attends a men's breakfast almost every Saturday. It's for men only; no girls allowed. The guys do all the shopping, prepping and cooking. They even clean up.  They call it a "Get fed twice" gathering because after their hearty breakfast, they open up God's Word and chew on that.

I love that my husband is studying the bible. I love that he is spending time in the company of other godly men. I love that he is growing in his relationship with God and his brothers. I love that I get to sleep in on Saturdays and not have to cook!

Awhile back someone in the group suggested they host a special breakfast for the ladies, as a way to serve them, but also to give them an opportunity to see what goes on in those sacred halls on a Saturday morning. This morning was the day. The day they let the ladies in.

I was greeted at the door by one of the men and then joined by my husband as soon  as he spotted me. He greeted me with a beautiful lush single red rose and a special valentines card.

He ushered me to my table and presented me with a lovely menu. I was told to chose whatever I wanted and he would get it for me.

It was beautifully orchestrated-- these guys went above and beyond to make us all feel special and welcome. They served us with gentle spirits and loving hearts.

After breakfast the men shared with us why they come to the men's breakfast; why learning about God and his word is so important to them and what a difference it has made in their lives. A couple of the women volunteered that they appreciate the changes they have seen take place in their husbands because of their involvement with this mens group. Awesome!

my yummy made to order plate of food, and in the corner there you can see my special valentines card. very ducky!!

I have to admit that I sometimes have some control issues...trying to micro-managing my husband seems to be a bad habit of mine. It was a little challenging for me to just sit and let him serve me -- and not tell him how to do it!

I am a blessed woman. I cannot adequately express how much I love this man!!

It was a lovely morning, a lovely breakfast and a sweet and much appreciated gesture. One of the guys said they thought they should do this for us again to which I quipped, "Mother's Day is coming!"

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