Friday, January 17, 2014

With Pen (or Laptop) in Hand

I've joined a writers group! Our first meeting is tomorrow and while I don't know much about how this will lay out, I do know this: I've been WAITING for forever to find the right group to belong to! There are several writers groups out there, but either the timing was wrong, the location a logistical nightmare or the genre of the group a little off putting. A friend of mine from church took the bull by the horns after a conversation with my sister and me about whether or not we'd enjoy being in a group for (Christian)  (women) writers. We both jumped at the idea. The gathering together once a month with other like minded women, for sharing, encouraging, critiquing, can really serve as a catalyst for some growth in the area of written word. I am stinkin' excited for tomorrow to arrive!!

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