Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bucket List

Don't we all have one? A list of things we want to do before we... you know....  kick the bucket?

My list is not formal, as in all written out and floating around my house somewhere. No, it's more of a sense of things, floating around in my head. There are some Yes Definitely's that have been in my heart and mind for a long time, and some that I flirt with, thinking if the time ever comes, I will do it but it won't break me to not. And then, occasionally, there comes one that I didn't know was on my list but when the idea presents itself I say, "Yah, that!"

I am feeling pretty satisfied that I began this new year by doing something from my Bucket List on the very first day of 2014. Hubby and I, along with another couple, took a nice long walk yesterday on the Interurban Trail. This is a walking/running/biking trail set on an old railroad bed and it meanders from Fairhaven (South Bellingham) through the woods and parks down to Larrabee State Park.(about 7-8 miles one way)

at the start of the trail

  It's long been a desire of mine to hike the trail. Some people want to do the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexican border to Canadian border) I just want to do the Interurban. I had been on a small portion of the Interurban earlier this year and it only whet my appetite more for knocking this off my list. So, yesterday we chiseled a few more miles off the trail. We made it to Arroyo Park and then turned around and headed back to the car. Next time we'll be able to park at another trail head, just beyond our turn around point and pick up where we left off.

on the trail... what's beyond the next curve?

As Bruce and I drove home, me giggling because I am easily amused and easy to please, I talked about other things on my bucket list that I want and hope to do this year. Obviously one is to return and finish the trail! The only reason we had to stop when we did was lack of time. Aaaand, maybe the distance to Larrabee would have been doable, but then there's the whole walking back thing and that might have been a wee bit more than we are currently up for....

Something that has long been on my list was to run in a marathon of some sort. Not a long distance; a 5k would make me happy.

Eons ago, when I was a young skinny mama, I was a runner. I was up to 5 miles a day, running laps around the 20 acre field behind my house and I had aspirations of entering a marathon just for the joy of it. My little brother was quite a track star in high school and he ran in several local running events, events I often attended and cheered as he crossed the finish line. (The only reason I never entered back then was because 'someone' from my past life wouldn't "allow" it.)

Well, now, there isn't anybody stopping me, however running is no longer much of an option given my worn out body.... BUT walking IS!! So I began looking into the local events that allow both walking and running. Turns out the one race that I had really wanted to do ever since way back when, is open to runners and walkers! The reason this race was so appealing even back then, was partly because it took place in my home town,  plus the title of the event was very fun.  It's called "Run for the Honey Wagon" -- yes, isn't that a fun title?

If you grew up in farm country, you might know that a honey wagon is what we call those handy dandy machines the farmers use for spreading manure on the fields! I don't know how honey wagons figure into this race and I guess I don't really care. What matters is, I want to do this. It takes place this spring and the walking portion is an easy 4 miles. Piece of cake!! It's the signing up and actually doing it in an official way that makes me giddy. Yes, I am going to do it!

Do you have a bucket list? What things do you want to cross off the list in 2104? What's stopping you?

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7


  1. My bucket list in no particular order... (Not so much for 2014, but a lifelong list)

    1. Attend a Super Bowl
    2. Attend a Final Four (The four remaining college basketball teams in "March Madness" left over from the field of I believe 88 teams)
    3. Run/jog/walk a marathon
    4. Visit the Dead Sea in Israel
    5. Hike along the Grand Canyon

    Nothing is standing in the way of #3, while funds are currently in the way of the other four...
    Someday they will not be in the way and I'll be able to cross them all off my list! :-)

    1. Go Zach! thanks for sharing your list. Those are great. And I am sure you will accomplish this.

    2. Not a problem Robyn! I really enjoy reading all of your blogs :-)

  2. That's wonderful! I've never put pen to paper for mine, but one big one is travel. Money is an object now though. One day! :)


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