Thursday, September 26, 2013

Of Anniversaries and Whatnots

Yep, another year of wedded bliss has passed. 17 years this Saturday for my sweetie and me.Oh, to be sure, we have our ups and downs, our better and worse. (I call it 'intense fellowship") but I wouldn't wanna be with anybody else. If I had to be in a lifeboat watching the ship sink, I can't think of anyone else I'd wanna be in a life boat with than him.

What fun thing are we doing to celebrate this year? We are doing a kind of get away tonight/tomorrow but it's really work related. Our happy place, Tall Timber Ranch, is asking for hubby's expertise on some building repairs at the camp, and because it is almost a 4 hour drive one way, we will head over tonight when he gets home from work, and then in the fresh light of day, he can inspect what needs inspecting, make his recommendations and then we'll come back home. But I think, before we return, we'll have a little time to enjoy the glorious colors of Autumn and breathe in that fresh mountain air. And maybe even visit "our" waterfall.

Our plans for the actual anniversary date are sort of low-key but I know it will be a special, fun filled day. There is a pretty little town across the way that we've longed to explore. We pass through it whenever we head out to the west coastline to visit hubby's brother and I have often wished we could just spend the day taking in the sights and appreciating the beautiful historical buildings of the town. So, that is what we are going to do on Saturday. It involves a ferry ride, which is always fun, and we'll just tool around the town, take lots of pictures, take in a town festival, drink and eats lots of yummy treats and most importantly, spend some quality time with each other. I can't wait!!

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