Thursday, May 2, 2013

Waiting and Counting

One more sleep and my sweetie comes home!

He is due in around midnight friday night and yes, this girl is excited!!
Three weeks is the longest we've been apart and I really don't know how military spouses do it... over and over again.

Skyped with Bruce last night and despite bad internet connections and having our call dropped a few times, we still managed to have a good and lengthy chat. :D

Bruce with some of the work team outside the 'finished' addition to the church/feeding center

The work there is done and he feels proud, inspired, impressed, joyful and some sadness all mixed together. The team is enjoying a couple of days of some simple R&R before flying out Friday morning. Bruce has promised me a couple more blog posts with pictures to cap this adventure, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can visit SOR Missions to read daily updates, see pictures and learn more about the ministry of Terry and Alexandra Mattson and even how you can get involved in supporting the vital work they do there. Be sure to click on the "picture" link to see more of Bruce talking with his hands. ;)

Bruce "communicating" to Bill in his unique style while Dewey checks on Chris in background talking with a local.

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