Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Press On

Final Dispatch from Bruce
Note: Bruce is home safe and getting re acclimated as he processes his time in Honduras.This is his final post on his missionary adventure in Tegucigalpa.

 Our last evening in Tegucigalpa happened to be the first storm of the rainy season. “Storm” is actually a mild word compared to the incredible hour long lightning and thunder display followed by another hour of immense amounts of wind driven rain. The power went out early on, which added to the dramatic effect of the lightning. Each time a ball or bolt of lightning lashed out of the darkness, it would silhouette some of the many foothills that surround this city. Mateo, who has seen many a tropical storm, said that he hadn't seen one that strong in a long time.

Pastor Victor, of the church we worked on, rode his motorcycle to the airport to see us off and express the gratitude his congregation has for the building work accomplished by Dewey, Bill, Chris and myself. He’s a wiry fun loving man who lives in the barrio just a stone’s throw down the hill from the church. Twelve years ago, at 18 years of age, his life changed as he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Victor told me that his motivation to pastor this church comes from the forgiveness he was given at that time. Because he knows the joy of being set free from the control of sin, he wants to see others experience that same joy.

I will admit that during my first few days in Tegucigalpa I wrestled with my decision to stay for 3-weeks. I could have signed up for a shorter stay. The heat, the constant security awareness, the sadness of injustice, the wasted human potential all were working on me to think twice about what I had signed up for. What made the difference was making personal connections with people like Victor, Juan, Jeffrey, Harrison and so many more. I am so impressed with their “press on” attitudes in the face of their circumstances. They have taught me a few things about my own reality. In fact, Bill said it well when he said, “My perspective has expanded about 10- times.”

It is more clear to me now than it has ever been that what we have as Americans are blessings from God. Our safety, freedoms, economy and educations should never be taken for granted. I have now seen people that need these blessings as much as we do, but are doing without. Yet, those I have met are not letting this knock them down. Instead, because of their connection to Christ, which no gang or faulty government can deny them, they are being strengthened to move forward. They deserve our prayers and support.

To keep posted on ongoing developments, visit Mateo and Alexandra Mattson’s mission website, Seeds of Righteousness at:  www.sormissions.org

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  1. Pressing on--I'm glad Bruce pressed on to learn the lessons he was supposed to receive from this mission trip. Beautifully written.

  2. Love it. I can't wait for more stories.

  3. Love it. I can't wait for more stories.


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