Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Job Well Done

little house on bell creek rd.

my talented carpenter designed and built this sweet little house

the little house that my carpenter husband has been working on for the past 3 months is coming to an end! The house passed it's final inspection today and tomorrow he will finish loading up all the tools and materials and we'll do the last spit n' polish across the surfaces.

the right tools-- good tools-- are essential for a job well done.

spit n' polish... little dutch girl chases dirt!

 It has been a pleasure and a blessing to have this job, the house from design to foundation, to framing to finish work has been something Bruce has enjoyed very much. We truly feel this job was a gift and blessing provided by our God.

gorgeous bamboo flooring throughout!

a view of the kitchen area

Also pleasing is a LACK of gaps between work!! This does not happen very often for us, especially in the economy in which we live right now. Usually when my carpenter winds down a job there is a few days --even weeks-- of GAP time... as he either prepares for or looks for the next job. Not so this time. A small project of a Shelter-built storage shed came bumping along a few weeks ago and Bruce will  actually begin this as soon as he brushes up the last sawdust from the little house job. Again, we give God the praise for His faithful provisions.

scaffolding be gone!

french doors lead out to a great deck and an awesome view.

With both of us working steady, things have been stable financially speaking, another thing we are so grateful for. But both of us agree, work or no work, we don't ever want to forget how God carries us through, in both the easy times and the tough times.

taking a well deserved break to breathe and reflect

now you know who to call if you need a carpenter!!

It's so easy to relax and think we're making things work when life is good. But truly, when life is good, it's God who gets our praise. And.... when life is rough, we still praise Him.

out on a limb

the love-burkes on bell creek

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