Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Musings

It's been a rather intense week...
while I was SO glad to have a real weekend, with Monday off for the holiday, Tuesday was jam-packed at work. It's been an emotional week what with the whole moving my mom thing... But today as I curl up with a steaming cup of coffee and listen to the rain beat against the windows these are the things I am grateful for...

A beautiful moving tribute to Chief Eric Ramstead...
8 am standing in freezing, foggy weather to honor our Police Chief who passed away. What an amazing turn out as people lined the streets of my home town some waving flags, some holding signs. The motor processional had over 50 cars in it, with representation from nearly every law enforcement agency in our county. Thank you Chief Ramstead for your many years of dedicated service.

After the tribute, I hooked up with one of my besties for coffee and shopping. We had a lot of catching up to do and it was super easy to fill our entire morning with laughter and encouragement. Plus do some super thrift shopping at the 50% off sale at one of our favorite thrift stores! Always grateful for anytime spent with one of my favorite red-heads. ;)

Meeting with our L.I.F.E. group Monday evening for our 2nd week in a new study called 'Growing Together  in Christ" The topic was prayer and it was a stimulating and informative discussion. So grateful for these 3 other couples in our life right now!

Maybe crazy to say this but I was grateful for the 3 extra hours of work that day. I had Monday off owing to MLK day but it's not a paid holiday and right now we need every penny to catch up. So the work load on Tuesday was a lot but it gave me back the 3 hours lost on Monday. My feet were killing me but they had recovered by....

Mom day. We toured Rosewood Villa Assisted Living and although it was an emotionally exhausting day and I was numb by the time I toppled into bed, I am so grateful for the encouraging conversations I had with both my sister and my older brother. Despite the miles separating us, their support means the world to me right now.

A little set back as I learned that there are some limitations to moving Mom. It's not going to happen  as quickly as I was assuming. But I have been so blessed by the love and dedication expressed by both the owner of the facility and the social worker assigned to my mothers case. So very grateful for their presence.

Also loving the weekly Thursday date-night with my sweetie. We have chosen to set this night aside for us to work on our life group workbook together and it's been great to know we are going to have that hour or more of uninterrupted quality time together.

Hubby had a successful job interview Friday afternoon and while we probably won't know anything for sure for awhile yet, he felt great about the whole thing. Plus we got to spend the rest of the day together, enjoying coffee at one of our favorite coffee stops, a surprise visit with our niece at her job, and just strolling the aisles of the home supply store together, plus an incredible moonscape to bring us home under.

Grateful for a week of work.... mostly dry and sunny days, warmer temperatures, skype visits with my sister and my daughter, for provisions met for my daughter and family (son in law broke his foot last week and will be out of work for 8 weeks! My daughter applied for and GOT A JOB the first day out and they had a very successful yard sale today that will help their deficit) and  strangely I am also grateful for tumbling into bed every night this week before 9 pm and sleeping blissfully till 5 am every morning!! Insomnia has always been my foe so this is definitely worthy of mention!!

Going into this weekend looking forward to Worship tonight with our church family, fellowship with some dear friends tomorrow and blessed by a surprise package on our front door this morning: 2 big boxes of kindling for our woodstove. Thank you whomever you are!!

What are you thankful for ? How has God blessed you this week?

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