Wednesday, December 26, 2012

T'was the Day After Christmas...

and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
not even my spouse.

Stockings were worn
for the the first time in days
as snow frosted mountains
awaited my gaze.

Visions of laundry
competing with mail,
coupled with jet-lag
has me wanting to bail.

Unpack the suitcases!
Restock the shelves!
It's keeping us busier
than all Santa's elves!

But in the midst of the clutter
way down deep inside
reflecting the mission
with a sense of pride

We did what we planned
We accomplished a lot!
We helped make a way
for Cherie and her tots.

"Mission Accomplished"
We truly can say
God is glorified
When we do things His Way.

~Thank you everyone... for your prayers and love and support during our mission adventure to Costa Rica.~

~our view Sunday Morning, our last full day in Costa Rica~ God's Promise to us all. 


  1. Fun poetry, awesome adventure, photo and promise!!!

  2. beautiful rainbow; very nicely written poem about your mission trip! Sounds like indeed God was glorified!



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