Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jueves (Thursday)

Today the work was finished on the sidewalk. Bruce and Jeremy prayed over the remaining 2 bags of cement asking God to stretch it enough to finish the work. God was faithful and there was no need to run to the store and buy more! The best part of finishing the sidewalk was letting all the kids put their hand prints in the wet cement. That will be something they will always be able to look back on and point and say "That's My hand print!" Special moment for sure.

how beautiful are the HAND-PRINTS...... 

I worked with Cherie most of the day, helping her with her blog. I also sorted through the scads of pictures I have taken so far separating out the ones of the kids for Cherie. There will still be plenty of pictures to sort from here till we leave but best to not leave that all till the last minute!

Thunder has rolled across the valley and the air feels heavy and oppressive. Rain would be welcome at this point as this feels like the hottest day thus far.

The children have been playing in the yard, alternating between the wading pool, the trampoline and the swing sets. Also the dogs next door with their 4 little puppies are a huge hit with the kids. One little girl in particular loves to lug those pups around, wrapped in a baby blanket, like a dolly.

Tomorrow will be a tea party for the girls and their friends. While that is going on the boys will be learning some boy scout values. Pitching a tent, tying knots, reading a compass. Tomorrow will be also be our last full day here at Residencia de Vida. (Residence of Life) then a weekend and a day before we fly home.

Not sure what our weekend plans are yet.... most likely some time to tour this beautiful country.

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