Thursday, December 13, 2012


makes your mind go numb. your patience wane. your body heavy. It's been over 30 hours since I really slept; the naps on the plane and in the airport don't count when you never reach REM or your body jerks awake just as you start to drift away.... add to this the lack of a decent meal, sitting in confined spaces for long -- and I mean l-o-n-g periods of time... and confusion over luggage and boarding passes and the use of the airport admirals' club... plane delays....and on and on and on. LOL. I can laugh now that I am freshly showered and have eaten a delicious dinner. Our hotel is lovely and our room is great. I even managed to post a few pictures on my facebook!

The important thing is we have ARRIVED SAFELY in Costa Rica and I am looking forward to tomorrow's adventure, seeing the sites, meeting Cherie and the children and getting a better handle on the scope of work we will do while we are here.  And of course I want to record in glorious details all the happenings since we left Deming Wed. afternoon. Was that really only yesterday?

To whet your appetite I will leave you with just a couple of pictures, all I have energy left to do....

our home away from home-- excuse me CASA, while we are here

how beautiful are the feet... in Costa Rica...


  1. Yay for a safe arrival--and sleep, shelter, and victuals!!!!!

  2. so happy you guys got there safely!! Love the pictures of your feet getting ready to do God's work!



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