Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Santo Domingo. Holy Sunday.

I was excited about attending Worship this morning at the Iglesia with Cherie, her 'kids' and the people we met at the Fiesta the other night. Despite a definite language barrier, worship, when we are giving it all  to our Christo Rey, is the same no matter what the language! I had also brought the biblia the Gideons provided in our hotel room, which is a Nuevo Testamento with side by side English and Spanish. LOL, too bad most of the scripture reading was from the OLD Testament!

There was nothing lethargic about Worship. A exuberant praise team led us in several songs and even though  we didn't recognize the words or the tune, we still got into the hand clapping, and the presence of the Holy Spirit filled the place. We were able to follow some sermon points because of the scripture readings that were in the NT. Hebrews 6.12 was one, on not being slothful. The service was beautifully concluded with a presentation from the youth group. Set to the "Revelation Song" the youth acted out in pantomime the life of Christ from birth to his death and Resurrection. It was POWERFUL.

We mingled a little after church with the Pastor and his wife. Looks like we will be going to their home on Thursday evening for a gathering. We then followed Cherie to a small roadside cafe where we feasted on food cooked over a wood fire. Simple meals of pork, rice and beans, plantains and tortillas but filling and tasty. We brought Cherie and the kids back to the hotel after lunch and the kids had a blast swimming in the hotel pool with Jake and Jordan. Bruce and I were both desperate for naps but the kids were still splashing around by the time we came down to join them.

This evening Bruce and I walked the few blocks to the nearby market and picked up some things for snacks in our room. that was our supper and we were content. There are no sidewalks in this area and traffic is as usual quite crazy so walking is precarious... but hey. we're from Deming. We managed. And it is safe as far as worry about thugs goes.

Now that we have had a couple days to acclimate. assess the actual work needed to be done, formulated plans and material lists, this week will be about hitting it hard and getting as much done as possible. I have spoken with Cherie about her blog and the need for pictures of the kids for the sponsorship program. I need a little more information from her before I can run with it but expect to start working on that in the next day or two. There are bags of donated clothing that needs to be sorted for the children which will probably be the first order of business for Colette and I tomorrow as the men finish setting up for a concrete pour to repair  a section of foundation where ants and termites are wreaking havoc. Other work this week is installing a waterline from the house to the garage where the laundry room will be set up. It's going to be a busy week and time is short so we will do what we can!

The weather has been perfect. Warm balmy breezes, temperatures in the 80's....  hard to believe it's the middle of December and there are reports of snow on the ground back home. Can't say I'm missing that!

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  1. Sounds like a great worship service and day!! The days ahead sound challenging with the work, but I'm sure all that you want to get accomplished will get done!



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