Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Prelude

I have had a successful day of packing, shopping, packing, praying and packing. I have earned the right to SIT and play with PicMonkey so that I might share with you the fabulous funnery of our weekend away to our favorite snow covered camp. We had a great time with our small group, playing in the snow, eating great food, singing Christmas Carols, touring the town of Leavenworth and building memories to last a lifetime. It was crazy timing but it was also crazy fun. We're glad we went!!

lots and lots of snow on the pass, in Leavenworth and at Tall Timber!
we toured the town of Leavenworth, taking in the sights, the crowds, the craziness!
over the river and through the woods, the love-burkes must go!

we took a scenic walk through the riverside park

accompanied by our friends Chris and Debi, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Icicle Canyon and Blackbird Island, some of the jewels of Leavenworth 

the Christmas Lighting event of Leavenworth was pretty overwhelming!

river views

random fun with our small group

some favorite views at Tall Timber Ranch

We arrived Friday evening, with a stop for supper at the 59er Diner, always a great place to dine! Saturday we spent most of it in Leavenworth, splitting up and going our own ways for the afternoon, hooking up again for dinner at a Mexican Cafe, then we huddled together as the countdown began to the turning on of all the city Christmas lights. Sunday we enjoyed the famous Tall Timber Brunch, then some of the braver ones took to the tubing hill or snowshoed till it was time to clean up, pack up and head up the hill and home.


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  1. I liked your assortment of pictures! Looked like a great weekend getaway too!!



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