Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vivaldi, Sunshine and Apple Pie

I feel ever so slighty naughty. I didn't go to church this morning!! We went last night instead. Our church decided to launch a Saturday night service calling it "Soup and a Service". We serve a simple meal of hot nourshing soup and bread, seated at tables of 6 or 8. After sharing a meal together we stand around our tables and sing a few worship songs, then sit again and listen to the message from our pastor. We started this just a few weeks ago but this was the first time hubby and I have been able to attend. We enjoyed the simplicity and casual atmosphere and pray this will be a welcoming place to those who might not come on a Sunday.

It was a beautiful weekend starting with our spectacular  Friday Hike! We got out of the starting gate a little late but the mountain waited patiently for our arrival. In fact, we had cloud cover mixed with sunshine-- the perfect combination for a hike. Not too hot, not so buggy I'd go nuts. And then the clouds stayed at bay while we did some fabulous photos in front of the view. In fact, as I looked over the pix in the view finder of my camera, and pronouced them good, we looked back at Mt Baker and realized it was completely under cover of the clouds now! Well! I am so glad we were able to get those awesome shots!!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner on Friday night at a new-to-us dining estabishment called Bayou on Bay. Clever little title given the location is on Bay Street but it's also closely situated to the bay of Bellingham. Bruce was brave and ordered the catfish. I went for the salmon but after one bite of his pecan encrusted catfish, I was wanting more!! We divvied up our entres and shared them like a good married couple. ;)
We also has lip smacking scrumpdelicious fried green tomatoes for appetizers. Yummmers!!  We completed our evening with a stroll under the moonlight, and coffee at our favorite coffee house. We'd talked about taking in a movie or a show at the local comedy club but the next showing was at 10 and by 9pm we were done. laughing as we drove home about feeling old I comforted hubby by pointing out we weren't OLD, we were WISE!!

Saturday was a bit of a rough day but we still made the most of it. We attended the memorial service for the young man who passed away earlier in the week. So unexpected! He was only 28 and leaves his bride and 2 young children. So sad. Only the knowledge that he IS with Jesus and his wife is finding her strength and comfort in that and the presence of the Holy Spirit, made the service bearable. We had a few moments to converse with her after the reception, actually the first real conversation we'd ever had with her. But we assured her we were here for her and her children and to please not hesitate to let us know what we can do to help in weeks to come.

After we left the service we drove into the older historcial part of our little city and enjoyed walking in the sunshine, leaves crunching under our feet, wind touseling our hair. We stopped for gelato and sat on a park bench in the sunshine and ate our sweet treat and people watched. We smiled deeply at each other, recalling past dates, one in particular at a coffee house across the way. First time my man had ever had an espresso concoction!

Speaking of coffee, we had to get some to enjoy on the drive home, then we went to the church soup and service.

this morning I slept in.... oh my how I slept! I enjoyed my coffee on the couch and now with the patio door wide open and the fresh crisp air wafting in, I am listening to Vivaldi, while a salted- caramel- apple pie with crumbly topping bakes in the oven and soon to replace that, a whole chicken to roast.

It's another glorious fall day here in my corner of the world and I am happy to sing praises to my Creator for blessing me with another day. May His Blessings be on you today and in this new week as well.


  1. Going to church on Sat is nothing new since I'm Catholic I always went when I was a kid with my Nana and it to was more casual. But as an adult I agree it feels a bit funny waking up Sunday morning and doing nothing.

    Sorry about your church member's death, so sad for his wife and children. I can imagine a difficult adjustment for that young family is ahead.

    I think its when we hear stories like that that we take stock in our lives and our loved ones; smell the flowers. We just never do know when we're going to be called to The Father do we?

    1. Thanks Jen, yes, let's make the most of every moment.

  2. sounds like a beautiful Pacific Northwest weekend! aren't we blessed this year with our weather? loving it...

  3. That Saturday church service sounds like an excellent idea! :)


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