Monday, September 17, 2012

Invitation to the Party

My heart is sorrow filled even as I cling to the peace that passes understanding. Dear friends of ours are facing the toughest, darkest moment as a battle with cancer nears the end.....

Michael had a bone marrow transplant several months ago and was doing well.... but last week found him back in ICU down in Seattle with a serious lung infection and Graft VS Host Disease present....  the doctors have been doing everything they can to bring it under control.... there have been several serious heart episodes on top of it all.... and now it seems Jesus has issued the invitation for Michael to come home. 

this excerpt, from  Michael's Caring Bridge Journal, written by his beautiful wife Catherine, gives a taste of the commitment and faith that is sustaining them during this very painful and difficult time.

This morning as I was wrestling with my God, feeling at times the frantic desperation that sucks the very breath out of me, and surrendering to the sweet peace that passes understanding, I received a gift from the Lord. He told me that 'Preparations were being made for my beloved husbands Home Coming Party. There was a lot to do, and all the invitations were sent out throughout the heavens and the saints were gathering.One of the first people in line to greet him after Jesus was going to be Job. As they see each other for the first time, there is instant recognition and they embrace as two valiant men that God has found blameless and upright. All heaven cheers....'

please hold this precious family in your prayers as the end is so very near. 

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  1. To be given that glimpse of the party has to be bittersweet. Praying you through.


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