Friday, September 28, 2012

Grow Old Along With Me

Indulge me a little will you?

Silver Lake Park, 16 years ago today....

a man

and a woman

tied the knot

the songs that are runnning through my head this morning are from our wedding....

as we walked in (Peter Paul and Mary)  the Wedding Song (There is Love)
when we lit our unity candle (Mary Chapin Carpenter)  Grow Old Along With Me
walking down the aisle after the "I Do's" (Randy Travis)  Forever and Ever Amen

during the Reception

(Celine Dion)  The Power of Love
(Mary Chapin Carpenter/Joey Diffy)  It's Not Too Much to Ask

thank you Bruce
because of your love
~~I have, forever and ever,  a song in my heart~~

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  1. Haven't even had my breakfast yet & you've got me blubbering. Such a happy day that was. And the Randy Travis music video at the end here, perfect. Aaaaamen!


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